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KC4RKO TV commercial

I received the following email from Don, N4DJ – a true CW aficionado and a gentleman that embodies the spirit of amateur radio:

My son (Chip, KC4RKO) does a lot with photography and has done some camera work for a few commercials and a show on the Discovery Channel, as well as written a couple of short films. Well, he has entered the Heinz “Top this TV challenge” where they asked people to make their own Heinz commercial. Chip made a commercial and sent it in. There were over 4,000 entries and the people at Heinz picked Chip as one of the 15 semi-finalists. At this point, Heinz has said it is up to the public to decide who the winner is and whose commercial will air on TV. This is a great opportunity for Chip.

Starting 27 August you can go to the website: and click on Vote Now (located on top of the middle column: Fries Best Friend, By: Chip Johnson)

…and vote for his commercial. You can vote up to once a day everyday from now until like the 10th of September. Any votes would be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks for your help!!

Don Johnson


Please check out this well done and creative video and help a fellow ham.

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

This is the first book I’m reading on my Sony Reader. I’m not really sure how I ended up with this book… I was noodling through Sony’s Connect digital bookstore and before I knew it, I’d downloaded the book. The author, Chuck Klosterman, is brilliantly insightful and a pleasure to read. The book consists of a dozen or so essays on Gen X culture and life in general. His writing style reminds me of a long, lost friend Scott Petri… witty, intellectual, and diabolically hilarious.

More on the Sony Reader: I like it! Weight is nice. Size is comfortable. Best of all is the readability of the eInk…. it is almost like reading off of paper. I’ve loaded up a total of 70 some odd books to include two additional Klosterman novels. When I find an author I like, I tend to want to read all they’ve written: Nick Hornsby, Neal Stephenson, Bill Bryson…. and my maddening addiction to Rick Steves travel guides.

NPR: Books for Armchair Travel and Adventure

Great segment on NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday with Librarian Nancy Pearl. She recommends about a half dozen armchair travel books, all of which sound like fun reads:

Nancy Pearl is an interesting character… she is a famous librarian (who knew there was such a thing as a famous librarian) out in Seattle. There is even an action figured that’s been made in her likeness. Read more about her at Wikipedia.

The Sony Reader

I’ve purchased a Sony Reader and am having fun with it. It’s about as big as a paperback book and the text clarity is very good. I’ve read books before on a PDA, but didn’t enjoy the experience because (1) the form factor was too small and cramped my hands and (2) you have to click the button to turn the page too often because the screen on a PDA is so small. The Sony Reader takes care of both these issues. It fits well in one or both hands and the large screen size enables almost as much text as you would see in a regular paperback.

I now have two goals to maximize my reader: (1) figure out how to easily reconfigure PDF files so they can be viewed on the reader and (2) create a solid digital library of great and enjoyable literature.


Attempted a lunch 40M CW QSO with Larry, N8LGG, but had a very hard time hearing him. Was able to get his name and QTH (Oakpark, IL) and that was about it.

Followed up with a QSO with the HG1956R special event station from Hungary. He a great signal and gave me a nice 59 report. I remember reading about this special event station somewhere. I’m looking forward to the QSL card.