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Running Crab

I’ve been having mixed results with my TinyTrak3 APRS beacon here in Hampton – when I start heading south from Newport News towards Fort Monroe (located at the southern tip of the peninsula), I can’t hit any APRS digipeaters – so my APRS beacon packets don’t go anywhere. Friday I was monitoring the local 2m […]

Road Trip Wrap Up: APRS – from California to Virginia

Here’s a snapshot of my APRS track across the US – the track is shown in blue – the gaps indicate areas where my radio dedicated to emitting failed to make contact with another radio acting as an APRS relay. My APRS setup consisted of the following equipment: ICOM’s IC-T81A This is a quad band […]

Got the rental

After quite a bit of searching, I finally found a really nice house to rent – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, big attached garage. Ended up in a really nice neighborhood in Hampton, about 5.5 miles north of Fort Monroe and 2 miles south of Langely Air Force Base.

How Newport News Got It’s Name

Newport News’ name origin is not certain. The most reasonable explanation is based on commemoration of the English mariner Capt. Christopher Newport. Capt. Newport, was among the most important men connected with the permanent settling of Virginia and was in charge of a squadron of three ships making the historic voyage in 1607, which landed […]

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia

Atlanta, GA – Newport News, VA Daily Mileage: … Total Mileage: … Total Number of States Traveled: 35 Continental States Not Traveled: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida. Of these, the only states I haven’t been to yet: New Hampshire, Vermont, […]

Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia

Memphis, TN – Atlanta, GA Daily Mileage: … Total Mileage: … Total Number of States Traveled: 32 … working on the write up.

Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee

Dodge City, KS – Memphis, TN Daily Mileage: 749 Total Mileage: 7219 Total Number of States Traveled: 29 Nendels Inn 2523 E Wyatt Earp Bl Dodge City, KS 67801 I got out of Dodge Friday morning and continued east, dropping down to US54 passing through Greensburg, Brenham, and Wellsford. I got on a local repeater […]

Colorado & Kansas

Montrose, CO – Dodge City, KS Daily Mileage: 495 Total Mileage: 6470 Total Number of States Traveled: 26 Continued on US 50 east, up the western slope of the Rockies to Monarch Pass and the Continental Divide… The eastern slope of the Rockies quickly transitioned to the high plains and at dusk I crossed into […]

Nevada, Utah, Colorado

Ely, NV – Montrose, CO Daily Mileage: 492 Total Mileage: 5975 Total Number of States Traveled: 25 Another day of wonderful weather. Back on the road and heading east. US 50 is known as the “Loneliness Road”… … seeing other cars on the road are few and far between. After a few more eastern Nevada […]

California & Nevada

Sunnyvale, CA – Ely, NV Daily Mileage: 571 Total Mileage: 5483 Total Number of States Traveled: 23 Great day and wonderful weather. Topped off the gas tank ($2.54 a gallon…. what kind of craziness is that?) and headed towards Tahoe. I picked up US 50 on the outskirts of Sacramento and continued east, climbing into […]