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Air Travel Sux…

… unless you’re flying 1st class. I can’t think of a single aspect of flying that I find even remotely redeeming. I’m at the Atlanta airport and if I get a chance I’m going to try and send out and APRS beacon.

Savannah APRS/packet is dead

I’m in Hinesville, GA (not far from Savannah) and there is no APRS coverage here. What’s up with that? It also appears packet is dead as well. You can see the lack of coverage here at aprsworld. The closest digipeaters are Walterboro, SC (to the north) and Kingsland, GA (just on the Florida border). I’m […]

Maryland Trip

Drove up to Maryland – went up north through the Eastern Shores and made the return trip west of the Chesapeake. The above map shows a blue dot for every APRS packet that hit an IGate. For this trip I used my TinyTrakIII, IC-T81A, and the Garmin eTrex GPS. Click here to see the raw […]


Fired up RxPlus and hit two of the big broadcasters: NHK World Radio Japan (a.k.a. Radio Japan) BBC World Service

Battery died again

I tried running PocketAPRS from the office without any luck. I’m in the middle of a second floor, not close to a window – and my building is surrounded by other brick buildings… so no real good line of sight. But all the fiddling around took its toll on the battery. After work I set […]

Bicycle Mobile Test #3

Pretty much a complete success. I had a problem with the initial setup on the bike this morning which caused me a little bit of pain until I just reseated the connection on the cable running from the GPS to the radio. I didn’t wear the headset – I was running late and I didn’t […]

Tuesday Night Hedberg Talk Net

Above is a picture of my dad, KN6ILL/KD6EUG around 1954 in his bedroom Hamshack running 75 Watts input to a 4D32 Output final Tube on a HT-20 transmitter on all HF Novice Bands – using a National NC-57 for a receiver. The antenna: an 80 meter dipole up about 50 feet feed with RG-8 52 […]

RX-320 operational

Got the RX-320 operational. I’ve got my Winlink2000 working.


Bicycle Mobile – Test #2 I conducted the second bicycle mobile test this morning, again with mixed results. – stuck the 1/4 wave mag mount antenna on the metal plate attached to the rack on the rear of the bike. I looped the feedline in an RF choke, securing the loop to the rack and […]

Packet, Palm & TH-D7A

Had a fun time interfacing my Palm IIIxe with the D7A. I was able to easily connect to a local digpeater (NASA Langley) and from there the skies the limit. Packet is cool because it reminds me of the old days with my Apple ][ jacking up the phone bill with calls to BBSs outside […]