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The Flying Pigs QRP Club International, W8PIG

A guy is stopped at an intersection when a farm truck comes whipping past him. As the truck takes the corner, a pig comes flying out and lands on the road. The driver of the car puts the pig in his car and takes off after the farm truck. As he’s speeding along trying to […]

The Official Story of how FISTS got it’s Name

I used to be a member of TOPS before it went out. Quote on their banner was “Where FISTS Make Friends”. A “FIST”, as you know, is nothing more than a CW ops’ reference to another ops’ keying characteristic. Phil (TOPS founder/sec) was delighted when I told him of the connection though he was later […]

Ending a CW QSO

From: “Scott Hedberg” To: SolidCpyCW Subject: [SolidCpyCW] Ending a QSO Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 08:40:11 -0500 I have a few CW QSOs under my belt now, but I’m a little uncertain over how to end a QSO. I think it is probably an issue of not being certain when to use the prosigns AR […]

QSL Card

From : Fred LeBlanc Sent : Monday, January 23, 2006 6:34 PM Subject : QSL Card Hi Scott This afternoon I received your QSL card pertaining to our contact on PSK. I visited your website, very interesting information. I see you had a similar situation while posted away from home as I had. I was […]

Cold War Phone Patch from Europe to US

A ‘ham’ makes a transatlantic love connection Friday, January 20, 2006 SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY I can’t believe that it has been 51 years since I served in the U.S. Army at the age of 21. My mind is aging faster than my body at this particular juncture in my life. But my observation of my army […]

January 19, 2006 80M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

RULES: Date and time: Thursday, January 19, 0130-0330 UTC (Newcomers – remember that’s Wednesday evening here in the USA) Bands Used This Month: 80 meters only Special Award: It’s a bit complicated, so put on your thinking caps and read carefully. To be eligible for the award you must make your personal best score among […]

ARMAD Information Nets Scheduled

Beginning Sunday, January 22 at 2030 Eastern Time, 0130 UTC there will be a nationwide (worldwide?) tri-weekly information and planning net scheduled in preparation for “Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day” which will take place on Saturday, May 27. The purpose of the nets will be to assist individual amateur radio operators, clubs, and any other […]

Ham Maps

I got one of these for the world and one for the US – great maps! Millennia Arts’ new Ultimate DX World Map™ wall map combines contemporary cartography with updated Amateur Radio DX communication representation for a map that will look great in any setting. Extraordinary detail and quality make this an exceptional choice for […]

VA Digital Emergency Network

This site is dedicated to the people providing emergency and backup communications in VA using Amateur Radio Digital modes. This is done by amateur radio operators on their own time and at their own expense as a public service to their communities and the state. VDEN supports both ARES and RACES operations. The primary 1200 […]

Problems with Phase 3

I finsished phase 3 but when it came time to test the xmit mixer and 7MHz filter circuit, I did not get the proper results. After double checking, triple checking my work and looking for any other problems, I called Ten-Tec and talked to Gary. After I explained my problem, the first thing he said […]