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What has KD7PJQ been up to…..

I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like – my Alienware laptop is down for the count and won’t be operational anytime soon. …. so…. what has been going here? In the early part of February I activated the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse at Fort Monroe – had a lot of fun, it was […]

200 Meters & Down — The Story of Amateur Radio

I’m really enjoying this book by Clinto DeSoto. First published in 1936, the book chronicles the development of amateur radio. From spark gap and continuous wave, the formation of ARRL, congressional battles to outlaw ham radio, homebrew equipment, and much more – this book is a great read and gives a wonderful history of amateur […]

Why I Enjoy Morse Code – Carl W. Davis – W8WZ

Why I Enjoy Morse Code -An Attempt at a Balanced and Fair View of my Favorite Operating Mode- Carl W. Davis – W8WZ Perhaps my love for CW comes out of my appreciation for simple elegance. I prefer to sail instead of motor. I prefer to cook from scratch using organic ingredients, especially those grown […]


I posted the following question to Yahoo’s HamRadioHelpGroup: I’ve heard this talked about a lot – but don’t really understand. What is a “final”? What causes one to “blow the finals”? How do you know if you have “blown finals”? 73 Scott KD7PJQ —————————————————- Final output transistors. They are what generate the power going to […]

3 Feb 2006 – update from Peter I

Beginning yesterday afternoon we encountered long swells that gently raise and then lower the boat.. It was a fairly comfortable ride. Today the seas have changed a bit and are averaging twelve feet. The ride is a little more uncomfortable, but not a problem for most of the team. We are experiencing winds speed of […]

Requirments for Morse Code over the years

1912 5 wpm 1919 10 wpm 1923 Extra First Grade added at 20 wpm 1927 All new classes (A, B, C), and all at 10 wpm 1936 13 wpm all classes 1951 Extra 20 wpm, Adv and Gen 13 wpm, Tech and Novice 5 wpm 1953 No more advanced 1967 Advanced reinstated along with incentive […]


The North American SSB Sprint Vermont QSO Party YL-ISSB QSO Party 10-10 International Winter SSB Contest YLRL YL-OM CW Contest Minnesota QSO Party FYBO Winter QRP Sprint AGCW Straight Key CW Party Delaware QSO Party Mexico RTTY International Contest ARCI Winter Fireside SSB Sprint ARS Spartan CW Sprint …. busy weekend