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Ubuntu – total and complete victory!

I rethought my strategy and re-installed Ubuntu. My issue was getting the video to work properly – the fix required a change to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf. But unlike the other distributions that I tired installing (SuSE, Mandriva, Fedora, etc.) when you run the install for Ubuntu you don’t set a separate password for root. After some […]

Up on Linux, but there is a long ways to go

So…. Mandriva didn’t work either. I went back to SUSE and with a slight modification to the config for the video I was able to get X Windows working and a working KDE environment. Still no network connectivity. I’m also at a 800×600 screen size.

Linux attempts

I’ve been having fun trying to install Linux on my laptop. I got the 2006 Edition of the Linux Bible by Christopher Negus which comes with a DVD and a CD with different distributions and “live” distributions. I’d like to get a stable distribution that will work well on a laptop, has a decent desktop […]

David F. Mangels, AC6WO, SK

David F. Mangels, AC6WO, SK (Mar 29, 2006) — Author and Amateur Radio instructor Dave Mangels, AC6WO, of Temple City, California, died March 24. He was 63. An ARRL member, instructor and volunteer examiner, Mangels taught Amateur Radio licensing classes for a fee at the Technician, General and Amateur Extra levels. In 2001, CQ Communications […]

Shore thing Virginia Beach lighthouse is a beacon of history

By KRISTIN DAVIS Old Cape Henry Lighthouse should have disappeared when its lantern went black more than a century ago. Cracks split through its stone face and inspectors deemed it unsafe. A newer, more modern one beamed a few hundred feet away, safely beckoning ships into the Chesapeake Bay. But from the time Old Cape […]

Back in the saddle!

I was able to pick up an inexpensive Toshiba laptop from RadioShack – no frills, but should do the job. I’m thinking about making a partition for a Linux install.

Next Solar Cycle to be Later but More Intense, New Research Suggests

NEWINGTON, CT, Mar 7, 2006–The next solar cycle, Cycle 24, will be a year or so late in arriving but will be far more intense than the current cycle now winding down–perhaps as much as 50 percent stronger. That’s according to a new computer model unveiled March 6 by scientists at the National Center for […]

On the far side of the world

2/26/2006 8:00:00 AM On the far side of the world Julie Young Correspondent Julie Young – Correspondent Summer in Antarctica means temperatures in the mid-20s to the mid-30s with fog, snow drifts and winds reaching 65 mph or more. Hardly an ideal vacation destination, but for Dr. Gary Stouder it’s where he wanted to spend […]

I had a QSO with the Admrial!!

August 19, 2004 New surgeon general for Navy takes office by Ellen Maurer BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY PAO WASHINGTON (NNS) – Rear Adm. Donald Arthur became the 35th surgeon general of the Navy in a change-of-office ceremony hosted at the Washington Navy Yard Aug. 4. The Navy surgeon general is the senior officer for […]

CW Shootout!

Sunday Feb 26 I went to the Fayetteville WV hamfest. It’s a small hamfest held in the American Legion hall, but a very nice time. Around 11:00AM they started hollerin’ it was time for the CW Shootout. They promised a $1/WPM cash prize for anyone who could hold out. Well, that fascinated me so I […]