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W4M Special Event Certificate and QSL Card

Here’s the certificate that I’m sending out for contacts with the W4M special event station: … and this is the folded QSL card with the front and inside:

W4M – Day One

Wow! Day one is over – a total of 78 contacts to include two new states for me… Nebraska and Delaware. Worked a number of other states as well to include Washington, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Also […]

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend-2006

This highly popular and ever growing amateur radio event is on again this year on 19-20 August. In 2005 we had 382 lighthouses in 48 countries who registered on our web site. This year’s event in particular will be dedicated to the memory of its founder and main organiser, Mike Dalrymple GM4SUC, who passed away […]

Busy day…..

(1) Complete support pole for G5RV feed point…. – this is complete except for the guy-wire. I need to get guy-wire for the upper 1/3 and lower 1/3 of the mast. I think the mast is going to work out well. It is composed of two painter’s poles (Mr. Long Arm). Each has a maximum […]

Preparation for W4M

Only 5 days left to prep for the W4M special invent station. The recon is complete – I’m moving off the moat down to the Irwin Battery. The upper battery puts me at almost the same height of the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse. And the view is fantastic. What’s left to do: (1) Complete support […]

12 Reasons Why CW is my ” FAV ” mode.

1. Simplicity – If anyone would really take a good look at what Morse Code consists of, they would see that it is truely a very simple system. Basically CW is a “Digital” mode. Being on and off keying. The duration of each tone and combination of long and short tones tells us what letter, […]

A Simple ‘Iambic Paddle’ for Travelers

From : Charles & Sandra Cohen Scott – Sorry, no parts list. And the bottom is covered by silicone rubber, so a photo won’t help you. Radio Shack should have everything except maybe the two switches. Those, you could get at any electronic parts distributor as “tactile switches”. They come in various sizes. Mine are […]

Check sun and moon data

K9YA Code Practice Net – SLOW

Wednesday May 17, 2006 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm This event repeats on the third Wednesday of every month. Event Location: 7.137 MHz (plus or minus QRM) Street: Notes: Listen for CQ Slow Net—send your callsign. We QRS to the speed of the slowest op. We’re here to have fun and practice code. UTC: […]

Venture crew 59 – Jambo Scoutfest 2006

Venture Crew 59 will host a Special Event Station KC3BSA at the Jambo Scoutfest 2006. Jambo 2006 will be held on the Kutztown University Campus in Pennsylvania from May 19-May 21. There will be approximately five thousand scouts attending this event. VC59 will put SSB/CW, PSK31, SSTV, EcoLink, & 2M/6M stations on the air this […]