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Scout Radio!

I found an email list that is dedicated to supporting Scouts and radio. Very cool!

Traffic Nets within the Virginia Section

Here is a list of the known traffic nets within the Virginia Section 1:00 p.m. – Virginia Traffic Net (VTN) 7260 kHz daily 1:45 p.m. – Fourth Region Net Cycle 2 Early (4RN) 7243 kHz daily 2:30 p.m. – Eastern Area Net Cycle 2 (EAN) 7243 kHz M-F 2:30 p.m. – Eastern Area Net Cycle […]

Ten Uses of a Digital Multimeter in Ham Radio

The handheld digital multimeter (DMM) is a basic tool for ham radio applications. Here is a list of 10 things you can do with a DMM. 1. Check the power supply voltage on the new power supply you just purchased. 2. See if your HT battery pack is fully charged. 3. Measure the current that […]

Military Radio Clubs

I’m running across a few military amateur radio clubs: K4AF – The Pentagon – K2KGY – West Point- W2USA – Fort Lewis, WA – It also looks like there are other stations out there: K2USA – Fort Monmouth, NJ K1KBO – Fort Huachuca, AZ K5USA – Fort Sill, OK K4WAR – Fort […]

99 Hobbies talks to KB3JUV/AAT3OT

Are you familiar with the website of Dave Bushong, KZ1O, called 99 Hobbies? Dave explores the different aspects of the amateur radio hobby by interviewing fellow hams about their passions. His latest interview is with….. Justin Kates, KB3JUV…. check it out here. 73 Scott AD7MI US Army From: “Justin Kates” Subject: [usaars] Hello from KB3JUV/AAT3OT […]

Field Day Wrap Up

I had a good time. Putting together the Amateur Radio Station In a Box (ARSIB) was a good learning experience. I now have a functional, portable system that I can take anywhere to operate. The actual operation and contacts during field day was very enjoyable. Other than the lighthouse activations and the W4M special event […]

Sunday Morning Field Day

I got up around 5am and started the generator up. Decided to try 80M. I’ve been impressed by the FT-817. I have the basic radio with no additional filters or audio upgrades/enhancements…. and it does a great job. 80M was buzzing with activity, but you could tell most of the ops had stayed up all […]

CQ Field Day CQ Field Day & ARSIB

Although I’ve been a ham since 2001, I’ll consider this my first Field Day. Instead of participating in the local RACES field site or one of the local clubs, I decided I’d operate from home using emergency power. I spent the majority of the day completing my amateur-radio-station-in-a-box (ARSIB) project. The ARSIB is centered around […]

KB3JUV Online

Check out this website: Justin (KB3JUV) is doing some great stuff!

12V 3700mAH NiMH “Vapex” race pack

I use 12V 3700mAH NiMH “Vapex” race pack from . They are terminated in a Futabs connector. I splice in an extra lead so it can connect to charger (or 20W solar panel) and rig simultaneously. I connect a Futaba connector to the FT817 power lead so I can just plug it in. I […]