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Blue Ridge Parkway DXpedition prep

I think I’m going to limit the Blue Ridge Parkway trip to just one RV destination. The main limitations being time, fuel costs, and RV camp costs… it just makes sense to limit this first trip to a location that is not too far away and attempt to keep the costs down. The destination will […]

A few updates from the shack….

Scouts: received my Radio Merit Badge pamphlet in the mail today. Between the pamphlet and web resources, I want to put together a course package for the merit badge. One of the gentlemen I work with has a son who is interested in pursuing the Radio Merit Badge… so I need to get crackin’. Army […]

QST Articles: SB-220 Heathkit HF Linear Amplifier

1970 August QST p. 45 Heath SB-220 Linear Amplifier (Recent Equipment) 1974 December QST p. 47 SB-220 on 6 Meters (H&K) 1978 November QST p. 40 Heath SB-220 Modifications 1979 February QST p. 20 Upgrading Your Heath SB-220 Linear Amplifier (Feedback: Apr. p. 27; Jul. p. 50; Nov. p. 56) 1980 January QST p. 25 […]

Work AO-51 with your FT-817

Clint Bradford Work AO-51 with your FT-817…or just about any dual-band HT! Summary: Program a channel with split freqs, per your owners manual. The Details: The two primary modes of operations for AO-51 are FM analog voice and 9600-baud packet. AO-51′s transmitters have variable power output, and can operate as high as 8 Watts output […]

Radio Merit Badge Counselor

Just got my official merit badge counselor card – I’m now an approved Boy Scouts of America merit badge counselor for the Radio Merit Badge! Here’s an article from ARRL on teaching the Radio Merit Badge: Larry Wolfgang, WR1B ARRL Congratulations on being asked to teach the Radio Merit Badge for your local Troop. It […]

KB6NU continues to provide one of the best ham radio blogs around ( Original content, interesting news items, nice focus on CW, just a great read. One of his recent posts was on the USS Cod and its invovment in special events.

DX Packet Cluster?

I saw a listing for two nearby DX packet clusters: 145.090 AC4HB Gloucester 145.770 K4JV Chesapeake, K4JV-1 Virginia Beach [Node (VADXC2)]

W4M Feedback

I got the following email: From : KC2HZW Sent : Monday, July 24, 2006 8:20 PM Subject : RE: W4M QSL Hi Scott! I recieved your QSL card and Special Event Certificate today. WOW! I Have to say this is one of the most beautiful cards and certificates I have ever seen. It’s really obvious […]

QSL Bureau

Today I received my first envelope of QSL cards from the QSL Bureau. I sent off money back in January (I think) and was wondering if I’d receive anything. The large envelope contained cards from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and French Guiana. Unfortunately, none of these were new countries for me, but it was still […]

RV DXpedition… on the calendar

I called Fort Eustis MWR and reserved a 29′ RV for Labor Day weekend. Yahoo! Now I have to figure out where I’m going to go. It’s looking like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah Valley. Doing the research now. I’m trying to see if there are any contests or special events that weekend. This […]