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Weekend Wrap Up

Went up to the Yorktown Battlefield Saturday and linked up with Mark, N1LO. I got to see his portable setup. He was using a delta loop antenna made of speaker wire, maybe about 25′ per side. The speaker wire was in three sections, the sections were connected using fishing line lure links. The speaker wire […]

Icom IC706mkIIg mod

Wide band transmit mod for the IC706mkIIg requires removal of diode D.2030. Remove top cover to access main board. Locate IC chip 4052C-8713. Looking at the chip and reading the number from left to right, look just left of the chip to locate 11 solder pads running up and down. Diode D.2030 was the tenth […]


(This list effective as of June 2004.) -1, 2, 3, 4 are for digipeaters and other home stations -6 is for Operations via Satellite -7 is for TH-D7 walkie talkies -8 is for boats, sailboats and ships (maybe 802.11 in the future) -9 is for Mobiles -10 is for operation via The internet only -11 […]

Will Mathematician Snub Another Prize? [NPR]

by David Kestenbaum Morning Edition, August 22, 2006 ยท A reclusive Russian mathematician named Grigory Perelman has puzzled the world of mathematicians. He is credited with helping solve the Poincare Conjecture — a famous math problem about the shapes of space first posed by Henri Poincare in 1904. The Clay Institute offered a million dollar […]


Revision 9 – 9/12/04 I. PURPOSE The Virginia Digital Emergency Network (VDEN) was formed on October 1, 1995 to build and maintain a network for amateur radio digital communications in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The primary purpose for this network is to provide a stable pathway and system for digital communications during emergencies in the […]

International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend

I enjoyed activating the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse this weekend. Went out both on Saturday and Sunday. Had some great QSOs. Was able to work N1LO and AG4GO (operating as N4P) at the New Point Comfort Lighthouse…. that was cool. Also had QSOs with Denmark, Bermuda, and El Salvador…. all new countries. Learned some lessons […]

The Shack

by John Oden (KC0QEH) [from eHam] I will never forget the first day with the new technician license. With gleeful anticipation, I proceeded to the two-story shed out back. I picked out the perfect spot just above the ladder in the upper floor; this in an effort to keep the cables as short as possible. […]

APRS Icon for a Lighthouse \$ XYZ ALTERNATE SYMBOL TABLE (\) \L AL Lighthouse

Station Books

I want to finish up my station books tonight. I got the idea from an eHam article, but the idea behind a station book is just a consolidation of all the equipments manuals as well as a station layout diagram (to include wiring diagrams). I’m creating a book for the main shack, the ARSIB, my […]

Quick & Dirty: APRS WX Station?

I want to put together an inexpensive APRS WX station for my dad, KD6EUG, to install up at his cabin in Mi-Wuk Village, CA. There was an article in the July 2006 QST that talked about one solution. But the big price tag comes with the weather station itself. Today I found a nice, inexpensive […]