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Attempted a lunch 40M CW QSO with Larry, N8LGG, but had a very hard time hearing him. Was able to get his name and QTH (Oakpark, IL) and that was about it. Followed up with a QSO with the HG1956R special event station from Hungary. He a great signal and gave me a nice 59 […]

Lunch QSO

I was able to have a quick lunchtime QSO with W8NZW, Ed from Grand Rapids, MI. A real A-1 operator. I wish I had more time to chat with him.

Just A Radio Operator

Copyright © 2006 Robert Alexander Wallace W1MQV / W1HH Oh, I’m winning the war with a telegraph key, Thought I as I finished a “stack”. I hope this is not all the action I see Just wearing my pants out in back. I idly shuffle the blanks in my hand And glance at the five […]

CQ WW DX Contest Wrap Up

I now have the contacts for DXCC, time to get the QSL cards. My focus during the CQ WW DX Contest was to work those DXCC entities that I had not yet worked. Here’s the results: 67 logged QSOs DXCC Entity Callsign Band Aland Is. OH0X 20 Antigua & Barbuda V26B 15 Argentina LR2F 15 […]

… From The Shack

2006 CQ WW DX Contest: It has been a learning experience so far. Much more intense than Field Day. It seems as if the bands are jam packed – nothing but “CQ Contest” from 80M to 10M. I started last night a had contacts mostly on 80M, but also a few on 40M – mainly […]

…. but it wasn’t there!

Had a nice 80M CW QSO last night with Tony, KN4VL. There was some QSB and QRM, but we hung in there for about an hour ragchew. Tony is a retired Marine and has children and grandchildren in the armed services. I think I’m slowly making progress on the CW front. Yesterday after work I […]

Special Events for the end of October

Oct 25-Oct 29, 0000Z-2400Z, Portsmouth, VA. USCG Auxiliary/ISAR Special Event, N4I. International Search and Rescue Competition. 28.450 21.290 14.250 7.210. Certificate. Richard Cook, AB4U, 14288 Riverside Dr, Ashland, VA 23005. Oct 26-Oct 30, 1400Z-2300Z, Sycamore, IL. Kishwaukee Amateur Radio Club, W9P. Sycamore Pumpkin Festival. 14.268 14.042 7.268 7.042. Certificate. Bob Yurs, W9ICU, 1107 Commercial […]

Busy In The Shack

WX Station: Yesterday after work I was able to reroute the cable for the wind direction/speed sensor from the radio room over to the garage. This included a quick trip up to the roof. I now need to figure out where I’m going to place the rain gauge. The location is tricky because I don’t […]

N3FJP’s amateur radio logging software

I have been using the N3FJP’s amateur radio logging software since I upgraded to General a year ago. I’m slowly starting to realize what a robust program it is. About a month ago, I started using the DX packet cluster feature about a month ago – very slick. Last night I played around with the […]

Tom Mills – K6LHE – SK

Farewell to Tom Mills by Ed Fong Sept. 2002 This month we regret the lost of one of our long time member Tomas B. Mills (K6LHE). He was an avid admirer of the Motorola HT220 and had modified dozens in his life time. I officially met Tom in 1990 when I joined National Semiconductor but […]