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I went up to the Richmond, VA hamfest (aka FrostFest) on Sunday. They had an ARRL card checker and I was able to get my QSL cards verified for the Worked All States (WAS) award. I spent the early part of Sunday organizing my cards (my QSL card organization needs some work). Most states I […]

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

This is the first book I’m reading on my Sony Reader. I’m not really sure how I ended up with this book… I was noodling through Sony’s Connect digital bookstore and before I knew it, I’d downloaded the book. The author, Chuck Klosterman, is brilliantly insightful and a pleasure to read. The book consists of […]

NPR: Books for Armchair Travel and Adventure

Great segment on NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday with Librarian Nancy Pearl. She recommends about a half dozen armchair travel books, all of which sound like fun reads: Nancy Pearl is an interesting character… she is a famous librarian (who knew there was such a thing as a famous librarian) out in Seattle. There is […]

Able Archer 83

Fascinating article from Wikipedia on a major Cold War event: Able Archer 83 was a ten-day NATO exercise starting on November 2, 1983 that spanned the continent of Europe and simulated a coordinated nuclear release. It incorporated a new, unique format of coded communication, radio silences, participation by heads of state, and a simulated DEFCON […]

The Sony Reader

I’ve purchased a Sony Reader and am having fun with it. It’s about as big as a paperback book and the text clarity is very good. I’ve read books before on a PDA, but didn’t enjoy the experience because (1) the form factor was too small and cramped my hands and (2) you have to […]