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Unveiled – the new Elecraft K3

This HF 160-10m rig comes in 10 and 100 watt versions. You can also get a kit version so you can build it yourself. Please read the official announcement from the Elecraft Mailing list. Greetings! This afternoon at the DX Convention in Visalia, CA, we unveiled a new top-of-the-line transceiver — the Elecraft K3. This […]

First Shots at Fort Sumter

Apr 13-Apr 14, 1700Z-1700Z, Charleston, SC. Coastal Amateur Radio Association, W4BWZ. First Shots at Fort Sumter – April 1861. 18.160 14.273 7.260 3.875. Certificate. Steven English, PO Box 677, Ravenel, SC 29470.

HF Propagation Numbers

* K index: LOW is GOOD. o 0 or 1 is BEST o 2 is OK o 3 or more is BAD o 5 is VERY VERY BAD * A index: LOW is GOOD. o 1 to 6 is BEST o 7 to 9 is OK o 11 or more is BAD * Solar Flux […]

Digipan & PSK-31

Setting up the DigiPan dial scale to read actual transmitted RF frequency: Under Configure/Band, mark the band you wish to be displayed on the dial scale as active, tab to the Spectrum Start box and enter the Spectrum start frequency in kHz, or kHz and tenths of kHz, and check if you want the dial […]

Iran hostages used Morse code in solitary One of the British seamen held hostage in Iran has told how they used Morse code to stay in touch with one another while imprisoned. Able Seaman Simon Massey revealed they developed a system of ‘knocking in and knocking out’ during their first week of solitary confinement. He said: “It was like keeping a […]

Fun with the FT-817

I’ve been playing with my FT-817 and having some fun. It is amazing how many features they pack in such a tiny little box. I’ve slowly been learning some of them. The first (important) feature I discovered was the power setting. When you operate off batteries, the radio defaults to 2.5 watts output. You have […]