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KC4RKO TV commercial

I received the following email from Don, N4DJ – a true CW aficionado and a gentleman that embodies the spirit of amateur radio: My son (Chip, KC4RKO) does a lot with photography and has done some camera work for a few commercials and a show on the Discovery Channel, as well as written a couple […]

1 Faraday = 96 485.3415 coulombs

International Toroid Day, August 29th 0000-2359 Zulu time. Special event station W1T honors the 176th anniversary of the invention of the toroid by Michael Faraday, and will be operated by many toroid luminaries, including Mychael the Toroid Guy. Please see for operating times, frequencies, and modes or listen for the call “CQ T” (long […]

Progress… slow and steady

- I’m making a solid effort to improve my working knowledge of basic electronics. I’ve been working through Understanding Basic Electronics and Chapter 4, Electrical Fundamentals, from the ARRL 2007 Handbook. Honestly, this stuff does not come easy to me. But I’m committed to slug through it. – Also working on my CW skills. It […]

Items of interest

Interesting post on W2LJ’s blog about his PDA. I have an assortment of PDAs: – Palm Pilot Pro that I got an upgrade kit for to make it a Palm III (new chip along with IR sync capability) – Palm IIIxe which I bought on eBay. It works well except that it eats up batteries […]

The Ohio Valley Teratology Net ter·a·tol·o·gy – the study of malformations or serious deviations from the normal type in developing organisms … check out this blog, excellent writing and very entertaining.

100 Nations Award

I read about this in an issue of World Radio from Jan 1999. I don’t know if they still offering this award, but it seems pretty cool. 100 Nations Award In an effort to encourage personal communications among peoples around the world via Amateur Radio, Worldradio offers the Worked 100 Nations Award to those confirming […]

What makes a good ham blog?

There are about a bajillion ham blogs floating around the internet. What makes the good ones stand out? Here are the three main things I look for: (1) Good writing. Who knew that some hams are actually very good writers? I’m consistently checking my very favorite ham blogs because I really look forward to reading […]

Visalia man installs radio antennas to talk to son in Iraq

By Nick McClellan Staff writer Visalians driving south on Court Street just north of Caldwell Avenue may notice two skeletal misfits between the trees and houses on Oak View Drive. But don’t mind them — they are there so a father can talk to his son deployed overseas with the Marines. Or at least […]

Nobody cares about your blog … clearly becoming my favorite ham blog. Paulo’s entires are informative and entertaining. The presentation of his blog as well as the use of original graphics is excellent. And he is a fan of Make Magazine! Check out his blog:

KA6WKE: High Frequency Mobile Amateur – Primer Introduction My most popular mode of HF operating is running mobile. This page will focus on the installation process and touch upon the equipment as needed. Antenna and installation decisions are very important in the mobile environment — as a mobile operator you must face the fact that you’re stuck with less than optimal […]