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Amateur Radio Goes to Washington

from The ARRL Letter, Vol 26, No 39 Army MARS Chief Stuart S. Carter, AAA9A, has invited the ARRL and Amateur Radio representatives to join a Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) demonstration outside the Capitol building in Washington, DC on October 3. Hams around the country are asked to aid in the demonstration by making […]

The Review, Part 1: The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950: A Social History

This is a modern telling of Clinton DeSoto’s 1936 classic 200 Meters and Down story through meticulous research of the author, Richard Bartlett, and the amateur radio experiences of the his brother Forrest, W6OWP. Tracing the start of radio from Marconi through the emergence of a thriving hobby in the post WWI years, Bartlett does […]

The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950: A Social History

Just started this book by Richard Bartlett, The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950: A Social History. It focuses on the early years of amateur radio and the development of radio technology. So far it is a great read. I’ll write up a complete review when I’m finished.

CW Practice

I’m continuing to try and improve my CW skills – primarily my ability to copy. Now I’m working with the MFJ-418 Morse Code / CW Tutor. There’s a lot this little box does. It looks a little like the pager I used to carry in the mid 1990s. I was first introduced to this device […]

Thank You AmateurLogic.TV!

My internet capability here is rather limited, especially when it comes to large downloads. I had seen a few episodes of AmateurLogic before I left the States and now I wanted more. But try as I might, the download usually timed out before I could get the whole episode. I sent Jimmy an 2GB SD […]

For your consideration

Here is a great ham webpage. Explore the links to the left under the Site Map. Dave, G3VGR, is a rabid CW enthusiast: “CW is my favorite mode of operation. I no longer operate any other modes as none give me anywhere near as much enjoyment as sending and receiving Morse. My microphones are stored […]

Link List

Jeff, KE9V, took down his blogroll. I completely understand why he did it… but I used it for my daily stroll through ham blogdom. If I was squared away, I’d have one of those RSS aggregators – I’d be able to neatly peruse through the latests posts. But I’ve never been able to get the […]

QSL Cards… what makes a winner?

My dad has recently upgraded to General and has been getting on the air making contacts. This isn’t the first time he’s been on HF or exchanged QSL cards. Back in his younger days, he held the call KN6ILL (I Love Lucy) and operated an HT-20 transmitter and a National NC-57 for a receiver with […]


10 REM THIS IS A PROGRAM20 PRINT “HELLO”30 END Great post from Richard on his 30th anniversary of working with computers. Looking at the code above brought back many memories. My first computer was an Apple ][. I started out with a cassette tape player to load programs. Soon I got one, then two disk […]

W6PO – Rememberance This site was put together by Janice, KB6FNS, for her father, Bob Sutherland, W6PO, SK. I really enjoyed reading the entries about Bob’s amazing ham activities. The mix of childhood recollections, remembrances from fellow hams, and pictures are wonderful. “As a kid, one task would be to turn on the ‘shop’ for my dad […]