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The truth hurts

I enjoyed this email from the Second Class Operators’ Club reflector…. To: Second Class Operators’ Club Subject: [SOC] The truth hurts I’m still recovering from a nearby lightning strike that came up phone line to fry DSL modem, all the I/O ports on an aging 386 PC and miscellaneous pieces of ham gear. XYL and […]

The Review, Part 2: The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950: A Social History

Read part 1 of the review here This was a book I hated to finish reading. Chapters 9 – 12 are full of amateur radio’s involvement in aviation, sea journeys, and the exploration of the polar regions. There is great coverage of the private schooner Yankee, which sailed around-the-world with a crew made up of […]

High-tech culture of Silicon Valley originally formed around radio

Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, September 30, 2007 They weren’t out to make history, the eight young engineers who met secretly with investor Arthur Rock 50 years ago to form Silicon Valley’s ancestral chip company, Fairchild Semiconductor. The men, among them future Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, mainly wanted to escape their brilliant but batty […]