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Digital Books

I have one of the first edition Kindles that I’ve had since last year. Previously I was using the Sony Reader and enjoyed using it immensely. The Kindle offers the exact same reading experience but with a larger selection of titles to choose from. Jeff Davis, KE9V of Signal and Noise, has previously mentioned The […]


I’ve had QSOs with W1AW when they’ve been at the Dayton Hamfest as well as other locations around the country, but I had never logged the home station back in Connecticut. That is until I was on my way back from the National World War I Museum where we had an offsite class followed by […]

Combustible CW

I had a QSO the other day with a gentlemen who was using a Navy flame-proof key. I had heard of the flame-proof key and knew that it was a military straight key – but I never really thought about why it was called flame-proof. If you have a sending speed >50 wpm, do you […]

Morse Code… the Army way

I thought this video clip was entertaining as well as pretty interesting… enjoy! Here is part 1: … and part 2 (tells you how to adjust and use your J-38 key):

KE9V is back

Check out the new Jeff Davis, KE9V blog Signal and Noise. Jeff took a brief blog hiatus and I am glad he’s back. I always enjoy reading his posts… original thoughts and poignant personal insights. Up on his old webpage he has links to some wonderful short stories. My favorite is A QRP Christmas.

Ham Radio on the Make

Make Online (the website for Make Magazine) has a great post giving an introduction to amateur radio.