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Wouff Hong

One of the most interesting and unique artifacts from the early days of radio was not powered by batteries nor did it have any electronic components. I far as I can tell, Radio Shack never stocked it on their shelves and you can’t order it from Ham Radio Outlet. From the 1969 ARRL “Radio Amateur’s […]

Army Ham in Space!

Army Colonel Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC, has put together an awesome YouTube video of himself making contacts over North America prefaced by a tour of the International Space Station. He has just successfully returned to Earth. Welcome Home, Sir! Makes you want to go right out and get an Arrow II. NA1SS VOICE FREQUENCY (region 1). […]

Radio Adventure in The Pacific

I am researching the possibility of doing a mini-DXpedition to one of the Pacific Islands. The overall intent of the operation is to have an adventure, not to activate “a rare one”. The focus has also been narrowed (at least initially) to US possessions. Going to a US possession will alleviate the need to get […]

D-Star, DV Dongle, and Ubuntu

Yet again, more success with Ubuntu and ham radio. I purchased a D-Star DV Dongle earlier this year and never had much time to play with it. I do not own an actual D-Star radio and the only time I have really ever seen D-Stars in action was at this year’s Hamvention. I am a […]

Xastir up and running

More success with the Ubuntu hamputer. I found a great wiki that does a great job of walking through the install process. Once I had Xastir up an running, it was interesting to see the massive amount of APRS in Japan compared to the absolute minuscule amount of APRS activity here in Korea. I have […]

My temporary QSL card

It is not much, but it will do for now. Sure wish I could get a shorter callsign!

For the record…

Here are details for my Ubuntu hamputer installation: (1) Install the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 10.04… DO NOT INSTALL THE 64-BIT VERSION! (2) Run Update Manager and reboot (3) From the terminal sudo apt-get install: libssl-dev, libhamlib2 and libhsmlin-utild (4) Download CQRLOG (my version was cqrlog_0.9.6_install.tar.gz) (5) Extract file and you get – run […]

Linux is finally in the Ham Shack

Back in February I talked about my plans to piece together a portable station based around the iPORTABLE enclosures, an IC-7000, and a Dell Zino HD computer. In one iPORTABLE I installed an LDG AT-200pro and the IC-7000. The other iPORTABLE contains an Alinco DM-330MV power supply and the Dell Zino. The iPORTABLE enclosures keep […]

On a radio safari

Today was a real adventure on the airwaves. I only made 12 contacts, but there were a few that are quite memorable. My location here in South Korea affords me the ability to make contact with exotic locations even with my modest Buddipole antenna. The first contact wasn’t actually a contact – tuning around 20M, […]