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WWII: american hams come to the aid of the US Army Signal Corps

Jeff Davis, KE9V, recently posted a link to a YouTube video which is an RCA public service announcement from WWII encouraging military-aged males who are also radio hams to join the Army (or Navy) and use their radio skills in service of their country. It is a great piece of film and well worth watching. […]

Does the US Military issue Amateur Radio Licenses?

Yes, they do! At least over here in South Korea. Before arriving to Korea last year, I began researching the licensing procedures. I have known fellow soldiers who have served over here in Korea and were able to get an HL callsign and get on the air. By reviewing an old Army regulation that was […]

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

The Fourth Tower of Inverness is a radio series that made its debut back in the fall of 1972. The series follows the adventures of Jack Flanders as he unravels the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of his uncle, the great explorer, Lord Henry Jowls and the strange incidents that keep occurring around the Inverness estate. […]

Spy Radio: AN/PRC-64

Richard Fisher, KI6SN, had a post back in August 2009 that talked about an interesting transceiver that was in use by the military in the 1960s and 1970s: the AN/PRC-64. The radio is crystal controlled, limited to four channels between 2.2 to 6.0 MHz, has a max output of 5W for CW and 1W for […]