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Building a vertical dipole configuration with the Buddipole Deluxe Kit – Mark J. Culross KD5RXT

From the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group is a great guide for putting up a Buddipole as a vertical dipole Mark has some very useful tips: – Use 1-gallon plastic jugs filled with water to keep the tripod stable – Put a coil balun comprised of 13-turns of coax, approximately 9” in diameter right below the […]

The Lansing, KS Hamshack

Progress has been slow in getting my shack setup at the new QTH in Lansing, KS. I had success running three differnt feedlines from the shack, through a narrow path between the basement ceiling and the main floor to an access box on the houses exterior wall exiting to the side yard. I purchased 50′ […]