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Logs and QSL cards

Since I logged my first HF QSO back in 2005 I have been using one type or another of software logging. I have also enjoyed exchanging QSL cards but never developed a good system at keeping them organized. Jumping from one logging program to the next, managing the “sent” and “received” QSL card fields have […]

100 Nations Award

I read about this in an issue of World Radio from Jan 1999. I don’t know if they still offering this award, but it seems pretty cool. 100 Nations Award In an effort to encourage personal communications among peoples around the world via Amateur Radio, Worldradio offers the Worked 100 Nations Award to those confirming […]

US Army Amateur Radio Society’s Lighthouse Award

Submit logs confirming contact with 3 or more lighthouses located on an Army installation and you qualify for the US Army Amateur Radio Society’s Lighthouse Award. Please submit log extract indicating which contacts qualify for the award along with a SASE (8.5″ x 11″) to AD7MI.



I went up to the Richmond, VA hamfest (aka FrostFest) on Sunday. They had an ARRL card checker and I was able to get my QSL cards verified for the Worked All States (WAS) award. I spent the early part of Sunday organizing my cards (my QSL card organization needs some work). Most states I […]

Be Prepared for this Scouting Award

The Scouting 100 Radio Award is awarded for contacting Scout stations during 2007, the Centenary year of Scouting. This is an International award, available to any operator – it is also available on a listener basis, with the same requirements as the operator award. Objective: To help celebrate the centenary of Scouting through the medium […]

The Last Frontier – QSO with Alaska!

I turned the rig on during lunch yesterday for a quick spin around 20M and ran into the Alaska-Pacific Emergency Preparedness [] Net run by Will, AL7AC, from Sterling, AK. I heard the traffic net taking Alaska station check-ins… passing their callsigns, locations, and a brief weather report. I was excited because I was hearing […]


Here’s my current roll up for DXCC – just need to get those QSL cards! I have 53 confirmed so far. CALLSIGN DATE BAND MODE DXCC CNFRMD OH0X 10/28/2006 20 SSB Aland Is.   7X2LS 12/11/2005 20 PSK31 Algeria   VP2EBR 12/16/2005 20 PSK31 Anguilla   V26B 10/29/2006 15 SSB Antigua & Barbuda   LW9EOC […]

… From The Shack

2006 CQ WW DX Contest: It has been a learning experience so far. Much more intense than Field Day. It seems as if the bands are jam packed – nothing but “CQ Contest” from 80M to 10M. I started last night a had contacts mostly on 80M, but also a few on 40M – mainly […]

W7 QSL Bureau

I received some cards today for my old KD7PJQ callsign from the W7 QSL Bureau. The coolest one was from Senegal – there was also another from Grenada and one from Croatia. A bunch from Germany. After I’ve sent out what’s left of the W4M cards, I am going to consolidate my old KD7PJQ log […]