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Rainy Sunday

It has been a cold, rainy Sunday. We are on short final for the delivery of child number two… about 12 more days. Spent part of the day finishing the fixes to the nursery. Despite the rain, I BBQ’d two excellent steaks for dinner. I spent a good amount of time at Fort Lewis, WA […]

Bicycle Mobile Test #3

Pretty much a complete success. I had a problem with the initial setup on the bike this morning which caused me a little bit of pain until I just reseated the connection on the cable running from the GPS to the radio. I didn’t wear the headset – I was running late and I didn’t […]


Bicycle Mobile – Test #2 I conducted the second bicycle mobile test this morning, again with mixed results. – stuck the 1/4 wave mag mount antenna on the metal plate attached to the rack on the rear of the bike. I looped the feedline in an RF choke, securing the loop to the rack and […]

Bicycle Mobile (Test #2)

Everything should be ready for Test #2 tomorrow morning. I was able to mount a storage rack on the rear of the bike – then attached a 6″ square plate that I attached the mag mount antenna to. I ran the feedline up to the bag on the handlebars. We’ll see how the run into […]

Virginia Beach Hamfest

Went to the Virginia Beach Hamfest today – while it wasn’t super huge, it had the basics. Hearing the old timers on the local repeaters, this Hamfest isn’t what it once was. I made a total of three purchases: (1) a spare battery for the D7A from a vendor – PB39M2, 9.6V @ 1450mAh (NiMH). […]

Bicycle Mobile

My endstate objective is to have a bicycle mobile setup with APRS and packet functionality. Bicycle Mobile – Test #1 Objective: xmit at least one APRS beacon packet from my bicycle mobile HT to a digipeater capable of ultimately passing the packet to an Igate and enabling anyone to view my location via Components […]