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Electric Radio – Celebrating a Bygone Era

I recently put in an order to AES for a few items I really didn’t need. Fortunately AES ships to APO addresses… while HRO does not. When stateside I prefer to order from HRO, having had great overall past experience with them. Quick delivery, no fuss, no muss. If I have a problem, I can […]

Toyota Tundra Mobile Installation Steve Clifford (K4GUN) on August 8, 2007 I recently purchased a new truck and installed two radios. The install went so well that I thought I’d post an article with details on what was used and how it went. First of all, the truck itself really helped make this possible. It’s a 2007 Toyota […]

Cleveland, OH to St. Louis, MO

Another long day and lots of rain. I left the hotel in Cleveland around 8:15am and found a place to park near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and put my antennas back on. I put on the 40M Hustler to see if it would make a difference with the problem I was having […]

No APRS Fool

I got my TinyTrak3 APRS beacon working – this link show’s my latest location: … I’m extremely excited I got this working. Other big news – I went to the candy store (a.k.a. Ham Radio Outlet and got the IC-208H for the truck. The manual is here.