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Sunday Morning Field Day

I got up around 5am and started the generator up. Decided to try 80M. I’ve been impressed by the FT-817. I have the basic radio with no additional filters or audio upgrades/enhancements…. and it does a great job. 80M was buzzing with activity, but you could tell most of the ops had stayed up all […]

Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee

Dodge City, KS – Memphis, TN Daily Mileage: 749 Total Mileage: 7219 Total Number of States Traveled: 29 Nendels Inn 2523 E Wyatt Earp Bl Dodge City, KS 67801 I got out of Dodge Friday morning and continued east, dropping down to US54 passing through Greensburg, Brenham, and Wellsford. I got on a local repeater […]

California & Nevada

Sunnyvale, CA – Ely, NV Daily Mileage: 571 Total Mileage: 5483 Total Number of States Traveled: 23 Great day and wonderful weather. Topped off the gas tank ($2.54 a gallon…. what kind of craziness is that?) and headed towards Tahoe. I picked up US 50 on the outskirts of Sacramento and continued east, climbing into […]

Washington – Spokane to Tacoma

Daily Mileage: 291 Total Mileage: 4014 Total Number of States Traveled: 20 I departed Spokane fairly late, knowing the trip to Tacoma would be one of the shorter legs of the trip – staying in the same state for the whole leg as well as using an Interstate (I-90) instead of the slower (aka scenic) […]

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Cape May, NJ – Hyannis, MA Daily Mileage: 411 Total Mileage: 608 Total Number of States Traveled: 8 It was a pretty dreary day – rain in the morning and it lasted up into New York. I got my introduction to Toll Roads in New Jersey. I was driving along and all of a sudden […]

Fully Caffeinated

I’m posting from one of the Starbucks in Newport News, VA that has WiFi access. I’ve set up my Belkin’s GPS in the truck and it gives directions verbally – it’s worked well on a test run… we’ll see how it does tomorrow. Overall a productive day – I got a cell phone, P.O. Box, […]