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APRS in the Toyota Tundra

I’ve played around with APRS in the Toyota Tundra before. Now I’m upgrading the setup a bit. Instead of using the ICOM IC-T81A I switched to the Kenwood TH-D7A(G). To bump up the 5 watt output, I tossed in a Mirage 30 watt amp that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for the last five […]

Maryland Trip

Drove up to Maryland – went up north through the Eastern Shores and made the return trip west of the Chesapeake. The above map shows a blue dot for every APRS packet that hit an IGate. For this trip I used my TinyTrakIII, IC-T81A, and the Garmin eTrex GPS. Click here to see the raw […]

Bicycle Mobile

My endstate objective is to have a bicycle mobile setup with APRS and packet functionality. Bicycle Mobile – Test #1 Objective: xmit at least one APRS beacon packet from my bicycle mobile HT to a digipeater capable of ultimately passing the packet to an Igate and enabling anyone to view my location via Components […]

Road Trip Wrap Up: APRS – from California to Virginia

Here’s a snapshot of my APRS track across the US – the track is shown in blue – the gaps indicate areas where my radio dedicated to emitting failed to make contact with another radio acting as an APRS relay. My APRS setup consisted of the following equipment: ICOM’s IC-T81A This is a quad band […]