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Ever been to Cornbread Road?

My favorite amateur radio blog comes from Jeff Davis, KE9V. If you have been following Jeff’s blog through the years you’ll have seen a constant evolution of his site and content. In addition to his ponderings of the current state of ham radio, Jeff has produced a number of engaging podcasts. Long Delayed Echoes was […]

Signal & Noise!

Will Jeff Davis, KE9V, be starting his blog back up again? I hope so – Jeff is far and away my favorite ham radio blogger.

4th of July

I have been here in Korea for just over two weeks and am settling in at Camp Red Cloud, located north of Seoul. I think I’ve done a poor job in the blog of laying out the last month and half in which there has obviously been some significant changes in what I am doing. […]

The Ham Notebook

I got my March issue of CQ Magazine and enjoyed the renaming of the Beginner’s Corner column to The Ham Notebook. Columnist Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ, explains the name change to reflect a column that contains information that every ham should know. Continuing on the notebook theme, Wayne notes the importance of record keeping for on […]

KE9V is back

Check out the new Jeff Davis, KE9V blog Signal and Noise. Jeff took a brief blog hiatus and I am glad he’s back. I always enjoy reading his posts… original thoughts and poignant personal insights. Up on his old webpage he has links to some wonderful short stories. My favorite is A QRP Christmas.

Ham Radio on the Make

Make Online (the website for Make Magazine) has a great post giving an introduction to amateur radio.

Strategic Communications

The title of this post is a little misleading. As I mentioned before, I am attending the Army’s Command & General Staff College (CGSC) here at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (… I bet you thought I was out here in Kansas just for the nice weather). One of the new requirements we have as students at […]

Era Of The Communicator

I enjoyed AB9RF and KE9Vs recent postings concerning the ending of the “era of the communicator” – I am a big fan of both blogs. Kelly (AB9RF) argues that to continue to attract new hams, we need to focus the image of ham radio not as a means to talk to far away place (as […]

a brasspounder’s cafe

Check out the wonderful blog of JJ8KGZ. Leo is in the process of assembling an Elecraft KX1 and has also started to share the joy of kit building with his son. Although I am sure there are many non-Western hamblogs out there, this is probably one of the first I’ve really explored and quite enjoy. […]

New blog!

Ok – I’ve been getting re-energized in my amateur radio activities and thought I’d use a new and improved hamblog to help maintain the momentum.