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Lots of little stuff going on…

I went to the HAMBASH in Kansas City this morning. Pretty big venue, most all of the tables were filled – also some quality vendors around the periphery. Lots of old-time rigs that looked like they were in good shape. Only saw one table were there was a guy selling DVDs (that had nothing to […]

This Weekend…

Joseph Sheehan Bicycle Road Race: Today I helped support a 52.9 mile bicycle race between Leavenworth and Atchison, KS. The weather was miserable. A cold morning to begin with. Then rain… and sleet. Even snow. I was positioned at a intersection that crossed the highway which served as about the 10 mile mark and then […]

Items of interest

Interesting post on W2LJ’s blog about his PDA. I have an assortment of PDAs: – Palm Pilot Pro that I got an upgrade kit for to make it a Palm III (new chip along with IR sync capability) – Palm IIIxe which I bought on eBay. It works well except that it eats up batteries […]

Hampton, VA to Cleveland, OH

I left yesterday at about 10:20am, having done a poor job packing and generally having any semblance of organization. I ended up dumping a lot of extra stuff in a footlocker, piled everything in the backseat of the truck and headed out. Not more than a few feet out of the driveway I answered a […]

APRS in the Toyota Tundra

I’ve played around with APRS in the Toyota Tundra before. Now I’m upgrading the setup a bit. Instead of using the ICOM IC-T81A I switched to the Kenwood TH-D7A(G). To bump up the 5 watt output, I tossed in a Mirage 30 watt amp that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for the last five […]

Tom Mills – K6LHE – SK

Farewell to Tom Mills by Ed Fong Sept. 2002 This month we regret the lost of one of our long time member Tomas B. Mills (K6LHE). He was an avid admirer of the Motorola HT220 and had modified dozens in his life time. I officially met Tom in 1990 when I joined National Semiconductor but […]

Weekend wrap up

Got to see a bit of the air show today from a nearby park that has a good view of Langley Air Force Base. Had my Bearcat Scanner (BC245XLT) with the Radio Shack antenna and was able to monitor the Air Boss as well as the air/ground communications for the Golden Knights parachute team. Tired […]

“Tigertail” HT Counterpoise

by Chad Rudolph, W1CAR The idea here was inspired by many other amateurs including Ed KE4SKY and Virginia RACES These parts can all be found at Wal Mart or any hardware store. I found them in my garage. Parts: – about 20″ 14-18 gauge stranded copper wire, or equivalent (smaller gauge = easier portability) – […]

Maryland Trip

Drove up to Maryland – went up north through the Eastern Shores and made the return trip west of the Chesapeake. The above map shows a blue dot for every APRS packet that hit an IGate. For this trip I used my TinyTrakIII, IC-T81A, and the Garmin eTrex GPS. Click here to see the raw […]

Bicycle Mobile

My endstate objective is to have a bicycle mobile setup with APRS and packet functionality. Bicycle Mobile – Test #1 Objective: xmit at least one APRS beacon packet from my bicycle mobile HT to a digipeater capable of ultimately passing the packet to an Igate and enabling anyone to view my location via Components […]