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Homebrew Weather Prediction?

I enjoy having a weather station at home. It is hooked up to APRS,, and I even have a weather webpage. One of the standard exchanges of information in most general QSOs is the weather: temperature, rain, …. I also like telling the folks in Florida that my humidity is 40% (I am not […]

a brasspounder’s cafe

Check out the wonderful blog of JJ8KGZ. Leo is in the process of assembling an Elecraft KX1 and has also started to share the joy of kit building with his son. Although I am sure there are many non-Western hamblogs out there, this is probably one of the first I’ve really explored and quite enjoy. […]

Invention Lab: RadioShack What stuff have you done? The tag line from a RadioShack contest and website called The Invention Lab. And they are partnered with MAKE! How cool is that? There’s also a blog and different sections talking about various projects. I think it’s great that RadioShack is trying to inspire the builder. RadioShack has had […]

Items of interest

Interesting post on W2LJ’s blog about his PDA. I have an assortment of PDAs: – Palm Pilot Pro that I got an upgrade kit for to make it a Palm III (new chip along with IR sync capability) – Palm IIIxe which I bought on eBay. It works well except that it eats up batteries […]

The Evolution of the Elecraft KX1 Transceiver

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME HF: The Evolution of the Elecraft KX1 Transceiver By Wayne Burdick, N6KR Special to the ARS Sojourner If there is a place, and you can get to it, you must operate from there. —Ade Weiss, WØRSP, Joy of QRP Some years ago at the Dayton Hamvention I did a presentation entitled Ergonomics and […]

Riding the shortwaves

I’ve enjoyed a little of my down time by tuning around with my Grundig YP300E. While not a feature rich radio, I’m surprised at how well it does. Two nights ago I enjoyed listening to a news program on Iranian radio. Reception was pretty solid and the propaganda reminded me of when I used to […]

Unveiled – the new Elecraft K3

This HF 160-10m rig comes in 10 and 100 watt versions. You can also get a kit version so you can build it yourself. Please read the official announcement from the Elecraft Mailing list. Greetings! This afternoon at the DX Convention in Visalia, CA, we unveiled a new top-of-the-line transceiver — the Elecraft K3. This […]

MAKE magazine

Have you read MAKE magazine? If you haven’t – pick up a copy. It’s full of inspired projects, hacks, and other interesting goodies. Most projects use inexpensive or junk box parts. The magazine comes out quarterly, I discovered it last summer and have since bought (and devoured) all the back issues.

Keep your IC-706/MKII/MKIIG Cool!

I completed a quick and easy addition to my IC-706MKIIG today using a great article from Phil, AD5X. The article describes how to add a 12v fan on the back of the IC-706′s heatsink to help keep the radio cool. Phil’s article describes how to use a Molex plug on the back of the 706 […]

Post Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas was good to me. I received a NorCal 40A kit along with David B. Rutledge’s The Electronics of Radio. Together these items make up a basic analog electronics’s course and my hope is to build the kit and learn more about electronics and radio. Notes from the budding brewmaster: The final bottles of my […]