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Items of interest

Interesting post on W2LJ’s blog about his PDA. I have an assortment of PDAs: – Palm Pilot Pro that I got an upgrade kit for to make it a Palm III (new chip along with IR sync capability) – Palm IIIxe which I bought on eBay. It works well except that it eats up batteries […]

W1AA activation of Dumpling Rock Aug 4, 2007 USA 1231 and USA 247

The Cape Crusaders ….Don N1DT and I finally back on the road again to activate Dumpling rock on Saturday …. and it felt great !! We arrived and set up the generator and truck station by 6:45 AM local time ….started on 75 phone … band conditions were very poor … Solar Flux was 70 […]

Monday ham radio

I made the trip over to Ft. Story this morning to activate the Old & New Cape Henry Lighthouses (USA 122 and USA 121). I wanted to accomplish a couple things: (1) activate the lighthouses. I’ve activated them in the past with limited success and wanted to give ARLHS members a chance to earn the […]

US Army Amateur Radio Society’s Lighthouse Award

Submit logs confirming contact with 3 or more lighthouses located on an Army installation and you qualify for the US Army Amateur Radio Society’s Lighthouse Award. Please submit log extract indicating which contacts qualify for the award along with a SASE (8.5″ x 11″) to AD7MI.

40M mobile

I played around with the Opek and Workman 40M antennas this morning. The Opek tuned from about 7.150 to 7.290 and the Workman tuned from 7.040 to 7.250. I noticed a difference in the receive – the Workman was doing a better job. I have an extra stinger for the Workman, so I’m going to […]

No hamming….

I haven’t been on the HF bands for a while. No CW, no DX Packet Cluster, nada. I’d like to get some quality time with the CW paddle. The weather station is down – not sure what’s wrong. My 2M packet station is partially working. The TNC is hooked up to yet another old computer […]

Already the 19th of November!

I’ve been falling behind on my updates… (1) W4V – Veterans’ Day Special Event Station. I got a late start on Saturday… took a while to pack the truck. Setup at Fort Story took longer than expected – my biggest challenge was tying down the center mast after I’d gotten it vertical. It’s really a […]

Saturday QSOs

I had a 40M CW QSO with Lee, WA1YDG from Hanover, MA. According to, Lee holds a Novice license… which is pretty unique. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a QSO with someone with a Novice license. Also got W1AA on 40M LSB – they were activating a lighthouse (USA-820?). This afternoon I […]


Finally checked into the VA MARS net. The net started late and I had almost given up on it. I’m going to try and check in again tomorrow morning. I need to get around to raising the height of my inverted vee – I think it will better help my signal get out. I was […]

International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend

I enjoyed activating the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse this weekend. Went out both on Saturday and Sunday. Had some great QSOs. Was able to work N1LO and AG4GO (operating as N4P) at the New Point Comfort Lighthouse…. that was cool. Also had QSOs with Denmark, Bermuda, and El Salvador…. all new countries. Learned some lessons […]