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New Years’ Nets

 From: Dave Gingrich  To: irlp at  Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 6:42 PM  Subject: [irlp] Happy New Year announce  Well, it’s that time again. The annual IRLP New Years Eve QSO party is set for (you guessed it) New Years Eve! Beginning at 1030 UTC Friday December 31 (30 minutes before midnight in New […]

Field Day

My Field Day adventure started on Tuesday, 23 June. I finished the final touched to the eARSIB and then through every possible item I thought I might need (minus a 25 pin to 9 pin cable for a Kantronics KPC-3+ which I will talk about later) in a total of 3 footlockers. I packed up […]

The Last Frontier – QSO with Alaska!

I turned the rig on during lunch yesterday for a quick spin around 20M and ran into the Alaska-Pacific Emergency Preparedness [] Net run by Will, AL7AC, from Sterling, AK. I heard the traffic net taking Alaska station check-ins… passing their callsigns, locations, and a brief weather report. I was excited because I was hearing […]


A description of the 40M WAS CW net and some operator recommendations….. We have checkins of all skill levels and CW abilities, and everyone is always happy to have new stations join in with us. (We think) we are a friendly bunch, and strive to make every effort to help both the newbies and the […]

K9YA Code Practice Net – SLOW

Wednesday May 17, 2006 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm This event repeats on the third Wednesday of every month. Event Location: 7.137 MHz (plus or minus QRM) Street: Notes: Listen for CQ Slow Net—send your callsign. We QRS to the speed of the slowest op. We’re here to have fun and practice code. UTC: […]

What has KD7PJQ been up to…..

I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like – my Alienware laptop is down for the count and won’t be operational anytime soon. …. so…. what has been going here? In the early part of February I activated the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse at Fort Monroe – had a lot of fun, it was […]

CW advice

From: Barton, Jim Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 2:54 PM Subject: CW QSO’s Scott, If I offered any advice at all, it’d be to just jump in and get on the air. I’m usually on or around the FISTS frequencies on 20m & 40m (14058 & 7058) most evenings CST, (although this pre-Christmas week will […]

Checked into the HARENET66

This is a fun net! Here’s a short description from their website: “What the Hell is a HARE66? The Hampton Area Radio Entertainment (HARE)Net started years ago with QSO’s on the 147.165 repeater and we never left; just moved to 50.266! Now we are branching out on several other frequencies.” These guys are a riot!

Battery died again

I tried running PocketAPRS from the office without any luck. I’m in the middle of a second floor, not close to a window – and my building is surrounded by other brick buildings… so no real good line of sight. But all the fiddling around took its toll on the battery. After work I set […]