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Hamshack Hula

I have been steadily working at getting the hamshack into some sense of functionality. Back in June, everything was looking good. I’d moved everything from the old house to the new house and adjusted for the more “constrained” space that my shack now occupies. I was just about there… and then my household goods from […]

Station goals

I set a few goals back in July and thought I would take a look at my progress: What I want to accomplish in the Kansas Shack: – HF phone and CW operation; 80m-10m – HF digital modes (PSK-31, RTTY, PACTOR III) – Computer logging – 2m FM base station – APRS weather station, interfaced […]

Mini-Hamfest (a.k.a. – our Moving Sale)

Although yesterday (5 July) was not strategically the best day for a yard sale, the XYL and I were running out of time as the movers are due to show this coming week. We’ve have a lot of extra “stuff” and tried to strictly enforce the rule that if it hadn’t been used/touched/worn/opened/looked at since […]

Sunday in the shack

I was successful in transferring the WX station duties to the computer out in the garage. I first had to get the Davis Weather Monitor II talking with the computer – which was accomplished after I changed the COM port speed to 2400 baud. I then transfered all the Weather Display files from the computer […]

Radio Room Reconfiguration

Spent some time today reworking the shack…. still have a bit more to do. (1) I was using two different power supplies – a PS-125 (25 amps) for the IC-706MKIIG and a different power supply for the FT-2800M (2M FM), and FT-1500M/KPC3+ (2M FM packet). I am now using the Alinco DM-330MVT (32 amps) to […]

A few updates from the shack….

Scouts: received my Radio Merit Badge pamphlet in the mail today. Between the pamphlet and web resources, I want to put together a course package for the merit badge. One of the gentlemen I work with has a son who is interested in pursuing the Radio Merit Badge… so I need to get crackin’. Army […]

QST Articles: SB-220 Heathkit HF Linear Amplifier

1970 August QST p. 45 Heath SB-220 Linear Amplifier (Recent Equipment) 1974 December QST p. 47 SB-220 on 6 Meters (H&K) 1978 November QST p. 40 Heath SB-220 Modifications 1979 February QST p. 20 Upgrading Your Heath SB-220 Linear Amplifier (Feedback: Apr. p. 27; Jul. p. 50; Nov. p. 56) 1980 January QST p. 25 […]