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Autumn = amateur radio time

Out here in Kansas, on the eastern edge of the prarie, the leaves are turning and the first frost is upon us. The time is NOW to get the hamshack in order. (1) My VHF/UHF antenna and Davis weather station NEEDS to get mounted up on the chimney. I have the mounting brackets – thin […]

Running Crab

I’ve been having mixed results with my TinyTrak3 APRS beacon here in Hampton – when I start heading south from Newport News towards Fort Monroe (located at the southern tip of the peninsula), I can’t hit any APRS digipeaters – so my APRS beacon packets don’t go anywhere. Friday I was monitoring the local 2m […]

Road Trip Wrap Up: APRS – from California to Virginia

Here’s a snapshot of my APRS track across the US – the track is shown in blue – the gaps indicate areas where my radio dedicated to emitting failed to make contact with another radio acting as an APRS relay. My APRS setup consisted of the following equipment: ICOM’s IC-T81A This is a quad band […]

No APRS Fool

I got my TinyTrak3 APRS beacon working – this link show’s my latest location: … I’m extremely excited I got this working. Other big news – I went to the candy store (a.k.a. Ham Radio Outlet and got the IC-208H for the truck. The manual is here.