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Wouff Hong

One of the most interesting and unique artifacts from the early days of radio was not powered by batteries nor did it have any electronic components. I far as I can tell, Radio Shack never stocked it on their shelves and you can’t order it from Ham Radio Outlet. From the 1969 ARRL “Radio Amateur’s […]


I’ve had QSOs with W1AW when they’ve been at the Dayton Hamfest as well as other locations around the country, but I had never logged the home station back in Connecticut. That is until I was on my way back from the National World War I Museum where we had an offsite class followed by […]

CW Practice

I’m continuing to try and improve my CW skills – primarily my ability to copy. Now I’m working with the MFJ-418 Morse Code / CW Tutor. There’s a lot this little box does. It looks a little like the pager I used to carry in the mid 1990s. I was first introduced to this device […]

My new QSL card

… just waiting for them to arrive. Decided to just use a one-sided card. This will let me write on the back, gives me the flexibility to talk about equipment used, etc. I really like the retro look – inspired by the cover of an old QST magazine and from these QSL cards:

Evolution and Respite… Announcing the 2006 ARRL Straight Key Night

From Recently I had the chance to talk with a group of amateurs at a local club. They ranged from old-old-timers to several still studying for their first license. As always seems to be the case, the topic of FCC’s NPRM eliminating the Morse Code requirement for amateur licenses came up. And true to […]

Morse Code… the saga continues

I’m making slow, steady progress learning Morse with the help of Ham University (see Oct 8). I’ve just started on lesson 23 – which means I have the following letters/characters to go: J, K, =, Q, X, /, V, Z, ?, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. ARRL’s station (W1AW) offers […]