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Sunday in the shack

I was successful in transferring the WX station duties to the computer out in the garage. I first had to get the Davis Weather Monitor II talking with the computer – which was accomplished after I changed the COM port speed to 2400 baud. I then transfered all the Weather Display files from the computer […]

Using Weather Monitor II with UI-View

From : Mullen Sent : Thursday, December 22, 2005 10:16 AM To : kd7pjq@xx Subject : Re: Using Weather Monitor II with UI-View Hi Scott I am using the WX Monitor II to provide wx data thru the UI-View system. UI-View does not directly handle the data. I use Weather Display to generate the data […]

Weather Monitor II®

The Weather Monitor II is a powerful computer weather station with all our most-requested features. Monitor wind speed, direction and wind chill. Track the barometric trend along with inside humidity and inside and outside temperature. With the complete station, you’ll also get dew point and daily and accumulated rainfall. Station includes anemometer with 40′ (12 […]